Success Stories: Ramona H.

Success Stories

Ramona H., Office Administration Program

Ramona graduated from Wood Tobe Coburn in December 2015 with a specialized Associate’s Degree in Office Administration. She first heard about the school during a presentation at Jane Addams High School. The small class sizes and programs offered caught Ramona’s attention; she ultimately chose Office Administration in hopes that it would lead to work as a social worker in public assistance. She knew studying Office Administration would help her understand how important the administrative department is to a business. The small class sizes allowed Ramona to make friends quickly and have one on one interaction with her professors. Her favorite classes included Event Planning, which taught how to be creative with her work, and Office Procedures, which taught her how to respond to work issue professionally.

Today, Ramona happily works for Prospect Capital as an office administrator, which is located in the same building as Wood Tobe Coburn! She enjoys helping employees with the day-to-day operations in the office. She says: “I feel Prospect Capital is a great fit for me because I have found myself loving my job, learning while I display my skills and growing as a person as well. Prospect Capital is showing me the potential I have to develop my professional skills and how to interact with others. I am looking forward to what I will accomplish with the Prospect family.” Her boss Daria has been extremely impressed with Ramona’s work since joining the company saying she “wins the prize for a positive attitude, professional demeanor and willingness to climb out of her comfort zone. Ramona stays calm under pressure and is always available to lend a helping hand. She is the best!”

Ramona thanks Lisa in Career Services for helping her prepare her resume for interviews as well as setting up multiple interviews for her including Prospect Capital, “[t]he service from WTC Placement department has helped me a lot to the point that I can say they found an ideal job for me. Lisa from the WTC Placement department gave me great advice on how to behave, present myself to future employers, and most of all never gave up on me.”

By attending Wood Tobe-Coburn, Ramona was able to meet many great people, make great long lasting friends, obtain a great job and grow as a person. She wants to encourage those thinking about going to school to not be scared and to focus on your wants and needs. And remember to never give up on yourself!

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“My life has changed for the better because I am able to contribute what my family needs and as well spoil them from time to time. I am able to look forward to the goals that I will be able to accomplish for myself and my family due to the fact that I have found a job that I love. The best in life is when you get to wake up in the morning and look forward to how your day will be like at your job due to the simple fact because you love being there."